Spotlight - Meet Sandra

Sandra is a friend and client of mine. When I began photographing women's portraits she had a session with me. She was working at a great job but always felt tired and run down by her busy schedule. She has transformed her life since then by starting a health and wellness business where she helps other women take control of their health and even their financial future. 

I have partnered with her to give gift vouchers for a complimentary session with my studio to women who are interested in signing up with two friends for nutritional cleansing through her. 

In her own words: 

3 years ago I was a very busy, tired, and stressed wife and mom. I struggled every day to roll out of bed and lived off of coffee and energy drinks to make it through my work day. After rushing through bath time, dinner and bed time with my kids, I would crave a glass (or two) of wine just to unwind and de-stress from my hectic day. Even though I "ate healthy" and was "thin," I struggled to get the nutrition that my body needed. Like everyone, I thought this was a "normal" part of getting older and being a working mom. I blamed my bad mood on work, and my lack of focus on my "mommy brain." I thought this would be my life forever. That is when I heard about nutritional cleansing and my life and body changed forever. After only five days of putting these super foods in my body I was a new person. I bounced out of bed every morning, had amazing energy and mental focus all day and little things didn't stress me out anymore. I enjoyed my nights with my kids and no longer needed coffee to stay awake and wine to go to sleep. I also lost 11 lbs of toxic fat and finally saw the muscles that I worked so hard for. I was finally the wife I wanted to be, the mother I wanted to be and the person I wanted to be. There really is no excuse for being tired all the time, for being stressed all the time, and not loving the body you live in. We CAN feel better, we CAN look better, we CAN be better. Three years later I can honestly say that not a day goes by that I don't put this superfood in my body and my family's. My mission now is to spread this gift with everyone and help people feel the same way we feel every day and in the process, bring out everyone's inner sparkle.


Here are some of Sandra's gorgeous photos taken right after her cleanse : 

If you would like to know more about nutritional cleansing and how to receive a complimentary shoot with me, contact Sandra at or call her at 561-699-4228


Meet Valerie

Valerie called me because she saw an ad on facebook. She said that her mother had a wall in her house for all her daughter's wedding photos and she wanted to give her mother a nice portrait of her to put there since she hadn't had any good photos of her taken in a very long time. When I met her she told me how she recently lost 50 pounds. I know from experience that when you lose a lot of weight, sometimes it takes time to be able to see the transformation and feel that emotionally. She was so much fun to photograph and I loved talking to her about her life. 

At the reveal through tears, she finally was able to see the stunning woman in the photos was really her. My heart was moved immensely to be able to have had a part in helping her to see the beauty inherent within her. 

After she picked up her photos she told me "My family is in shock and they love them all! Thank you so very much for all your hard work!! My mom is truly impressed. The sitting down purple dress pose is going on the wedding wall!" 

Then she emailed me the most amazing testimonial that truly means everything and is the perfect explanation as to why I do what I do. 

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for the “Alexis Lawson Creative - Couture Portraits” experience!

I was simply wanting an updated portrait to give to my family and without even knowing it Alexis truly transformed my life!!

Alexis is an extremely creative and talented artist who not only made me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin but reminded me to embrace and love the woman in the photos staring back at me.

I am still amazed by the final product, my family was ecstatic and I will be forever grateful to Alexis for showing me how I look through someone else’s eyes.

With Sincere thanks,

— Valerie Owen


Thank YOU Valerie for inspiring me and for choosing me to photograph you and for letting me help you see how truly amazing and beautiful you are. 


Here are some favorites from our session : 



This is a time when a lot of people write their resolutions for a new year, for self-improvement, and for improvement of the way we relate to the world around us and the people in our lives. For me this year, one of my big resolutions is to love more. What does that mean? Well, to me it means to find the essence and beauty in every person I meet, to hold space for them, to be present and to show up fully in every conversation and interaction that I have.


I do believe that there is magic inside of each and every person, and that if we are present enough we can bring it out in others. This means not checking my phone 20 times a day, especially while people are speaking to me, not being on the phone in the checkout line, and to do my very best to create a space for people in my life, and especially my clients, where they feel safe and nurtured so I can being them out of their shell and into their truth. 


I think that a huge part of loving more is showing others how very lovable they are. I do this with my art. Our brains naturally have a negativity bias, which many believe is due in part to evolution. If we assume that there is, in fact, a tiger in that bush even if there isn't we will be on guard enough to stay alive, however, if we assume there isn't a tiger in the bush and it turns out we're wrong... well, that's the end of us.


Whatever the reason, it seems that the majority of us have a leaning towards negativity and I find that especially for women that translates into an overly negative self-image. A lot of us see that 10 extra pounds more like 50, we think that we are somehow unloveable if we don't fall into the narrow confines of the world's beauty standards. I aim in my work to break through this with each woman that comes into my studio. I love that I have the opportunity to challenge the way people see themselves, and show them that they were wrong all along, that they are beautiful, worthy, lovable.

If only each woman had the chance to see herself through my eyes, well then they would know just how truly amazing they are. 

I think that the greatest love affair anyone can ever have is with themselves, and my resolution this year is to show more women than ever before just how gorgeous they are and in love with themselves they should be. 


Here's to a whole new year of loving 




PS I've posted a few shots from some of the most amazing women I photographed in 2015 who inspired me immensely with their stories and their journies 


This is Yanira

Yanira is a wife, a new mom, and a native of Puerto Rico, like many women she came into the studio wanting to take pictures so she could leave a legacy for her son. This is, to me, one of the best reasons to exist in photos, so that your children and your children's children have these memories. She was amazing to photograph and we laughed the entire time. I loved watching this confident, beautiful woman emerge throughout the session. Here are some favorites I would love to share with you: 


Why do I even do this?!

I've been asked that question many times, as running a business where you sell art and work for yourself is rife with ups and downs, sometimes no security whatsoever, and a whole lot of self-doubt. I've even asked myself this question many times....but the answer is the same every time. I do this because I believe women are more powerful and amazing than they know. I do this because I believe to see your own beauty and perfection is your birthright. I do this because I struggled with my own self-esteem and self-hate for so many years and I know how hard it can be to look in the mirror sometimes.


I feel that sometimes it takes viewing yourself through someone else's eyes to see your own beauty like it was the first time you've ever seen yourself. I do this because I believe it can make a difference to women. I do this because I believe that the lies the media tells us about what it takes to be "enough" are bullshit. You are already enough. You already deserve to feel awesome in your skin. You are perfect just the way you are. If you can't feel that at this height, weight, and age, you won't feel that with plastic surgery or a 20 lb weight loss. I believe that every one of us need to embrace our power and love and accept ourselves without exception. RIGHT NOW. 

That's why I do this. That is why I will continue to try to spread the message of "you are enough" to anyone who will listen. That's why I won't ever give up. 

This is Dominique

Some clients come into my studio and immediately own the room. Dominique is one of those people. She has a larger than life personality and a captivating beauty and power that is immediately obvious. I loved the edgy style and personality she brought to this session! Here are some favorites! 


Meet Jenifer

Jenifer came into my studio, as many women do, not knowing what to expect. Through her session I saw a confident, powerful, woman emerge. At the reveal she cried, and I almost did too. That is what I love about beauty portraits and glamour photography. I get to witness a transformation take place with my clients and they get to see themselves in a totally new light. Here are some of my favorites from her session. 

Beauty is...

"Beauty" is such a buzzword lately especially in the media. I am constantly seeing women challenging beauty standards and standing up to say "this is also beautiful". I think that is great. For me, working in this industry, I feel the most powerful thing a woman can do is decide to own who she is and her innermost beauty and feel her power and confidence. I love that I can help women see that for themselves. 

One of the most powerful shoots I have done to-date is for a woman named Susan. Susan was put in touch with me through Burckle Place, a residence for women who find themselves homeless and want to get their life back on track. Susan's radiance and zest for life shined through the moment I met her. She had such a spark in her eyes. From the beginning of her transformation through to the end, I watched her metamorphosize into this confident beautiful vibrant lady. I think beauty is about just that. Overcoming and moving into your grace and power, despite challenges.  

I just love honoring women who have been through a lot and overcome it. It is for this reason I am doing a Beauty Is giveaway. 

I will be selecting 3 women to receive a complimentary photo shoot, and one matted 7x10 of their choice in exchange for telling me their story on camera about how they overcame something challenging in their lives. Let's show the world that beauty is so much more than what the media tells us it is! 

Here's how to enter: 

  • Nominate a woman who has overcome a major challenge in her life : illness, body image issues, discrimination, etc. 
  • Fill out the application form below telling me why she deserves to win: 
  • Share the contest on your facebook page and tag your nominee! 
  • That's it! I will choose the three most powerful stories and announce the winners publicly on Facebook  

The contest will end after I receive at least 25 applications, so don't hesitate to enter someone who inspires you! 

Name *
Phone *

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This is Joanna

Joanna is a busy doctor and professor with young children who never has time for herself. She has a great sense of humor and style but I think she doesn't get an opportunity to pamper herself very often because she's always taking care of everyone else. I was so happy to give her a chance to feel beautiful and see herself in a different light. Here are some favorite images from the session: 

Say Hello to Maggie! | Palm Beach Portrait Photographer

Maggie is a woman I photographed last week. She was fun, vivacious, and drop-dead gorgeous. She said she had her photos taken once before but they didn't look like "her". I'm glad that she thought these did, and that I was able to evoke her personality in the images. Here are some favorites:

Meet Jesse | Palm Beach Portrait & Headshot Photographer

Jesse came into my studio with Kimberly (feature on my last blog post). They are friends who met through a dance class. Jesse is a gorgeous, bubbly, funny girl who was amazing in front of the camera. One of the things that stood out to me about Jesse was that she told me she worked with an improv troupe for a while and performed on comedy nights. I can't think of anything scarier than getting up there trying to make people laugh. That is brave! But I could see how. She had a great sense of humor and was very outgoing. Here are a couple of her favorite images and mine: 


This is Kimberly | Palm Beach Portrait Photographer

I met Kimberly through another client of mine, the beautiful Minnie (photo below). She is Minnie's cousin and loved the shots I got of her. Kimberly is a beautiful woman who recently got married. She was a ballet dancer for a good portion of her life and now works as a graphic designer. She used to be into cosplay and designed her own costumes which were amazing! Our session was so much fun. She was so comfortable in front of the camera and took direction with ease. Kimberly told me how she wasn't happy with any of her wedding images so, for me, it was extra special to be able to give her a beautiful image of herself she could give to her husband. She loved them all, and so did I! 


My favorite thing about what I do is my ability to connect with each and every woman who walks in my doors and show them their true beauty. 


This is Minnie: 

Kimberly's before & after

This was Kimberly's favorite image from her session

And here was mine: 

Work work work it! | Palm Beach Portrait Photographer

Phew! It's been a really busy few weeks here at the studio. I have had the pleasure of photographing some absolutely stunning women over the past several weeks. Every time I bring a new woman into the studio, they inevitably tell me "I really don't know how good these will come out. I have no idea how to pose," etc. I always assure them I will pose and direct every inch of the shoot. In fact, I talk so much that there's no time to even notice there's a camera in front of them. 

My favorite part of shooting is getting a beautiful connection with the woman I'm shooting and the camera. I want the people who look at these images to feel as if they can look into the soul of the women I photograph. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the connection is the thing that makes an image special. I am going to post individual blogs about each special woman I have had in the studio recently, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite images in each session that have that special "connection" I look for: 



FULL DISCLOSURE - Warnings about shooting with me | Palm Beach Portrait Photographer

I think it's really important that clients who work with me know what they are getting into upfront. The thing is, a lot of photographers aren't willing to give their clients the good, bad, and the ugly about what to expect and I really feel this does them a disservice. So, in the spirit of full disclosure, here are some things you must know before you sign a contract with Alexis Lawson Creative. 


1. WARNING: MAY CAUSE EXTREMELY HIGH SELF-ESTEEM : Client may walk out of session feeling light as a cloud. You may blind friends and family with your smile and your new confidence. 

2. YOUR BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND/EVERY GUY IN TOWN WON'T BE ABLE TO STOP STARING : After your portrait session, you are going to be rocking the glamour look around town and don't be surprised if heads turn, and double takes happen. A side-effect of your new found confidence is that you will be noticed. Even long after the makeup has washed off! 

3. SELF-CARE BEGETS SELF-CARE : After having the experience of being pampered and having a day that is "all about you", you might find that you feel the need to treat yourself more often. This means more long days relaxing at the spa, getting your hair done, or even booking that vacation you have been putting off. 

4. MAY CAUSE EXCESSIVE COMPLIMENTS : Whenever someone new sees your images, prepare yourself for the endless onslaught of compliments on your inner and outer beauty. But it doesn't end there! Many people will also tell you how wonderful you are and what an impact you make on their lives and how much you deserve to treat yourself! 

5. MAY LEAD TO THE NEED TO DOCUMENT YOUR LIFE : Don't be surprised if having these gorgeous images of yourself leads you to want to continue to document your ages and stages and have this experience more than once. You might just become a "lifer"! 



I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours ;) - Palm Beach Glamour Portrait Photographer



SMILE, THAT IS! *get your mind out of the gutter!*


I have found in photography that the best way to get someone to smile is to smile. The best way to get them to laugh is to laugh yourself. And there is a scientific reason behind this, we have things called “mirror neurons” which are activated when we see someone else doing something. When these neurons are activated it simulates the action in our brains as if we were doing it ourselves. I think that this is important information for a photographer. Seeing your photographer smile, laugh, smirk, or give you an intense gaze to project to you what we want you to do helps your brain to do it even before you try. That’s why I make sure I act out anything I want my clients to do before I ask them to do it. I have also done every single pose I ask you to do, so I know what your body feels like when you are doing it, and this helps me to help you make the pose better, stronger. A lot of clients say to me, before booking a session, “but I’ve never modeled before, I don’t know if I can do it” and I tell them every time “don’t worry! I will tell you everything you need to know and then I’ll show you!” 


When you are in a session with me, you are the most important person in the world to me at that moment. I want you to laugh, to smile, to joke with me, and most of all to feel yourself standing there in all of your magnificent beauty. If I have to stand on my head reciting the national anthem to loosen you up so you have a good time, that is something I am willing to do! So I promise if I show you my smile, you will show me yours. And it will be gorgeous! 

Here are some of my favorite "real moments" from recent sessions